Financial Services

Our financial services team at Haym Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation is familiar with the challenges the insurance process of a rehabilitation journey can bring. This is especially the case during an already difficult time, as patients face health issues and are often recovering from extensive and invasive surgeries. Money should be the last thing they have to worry about. We know this.

Financial Services & Smooth Process

Our financial office believes in doing everything they can in order to ensure the financial service process is as easy as possible and runs smoothly for all family members involved.

Our team works closely with families in order to gather the documentation required for a smooth and successful result with the insurance companies involved. We do our best to ensure each individual understands the process, feels completely comfortable with the decisions they’re making and is confident in their choices.

Years of Experience

Our years of experience and familiarity with the ins and outs of the medical insurance world allows us to bring our expertise to the table as we work together towards strong financial outcomes.

Major Insurance Plans Accepted

Brooklyn-based Haym Salomon accepts most major insurances including Medicare plans, Medicaid plans, Medicaid HMOs, Medicaid MLTC, and private payment.

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