Haym Salomon Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation provides world-class services to patients living with the following conditions:

We also care for patients suffering from wounds and those who require colostomy and ileostomy care. We know how worry-inducing and labor-intensive these conditions can become for those who are ill-equipped to handle them by themselves.

    Complication and infection prevention

    All of the above conditions require the attentive and expert care provided by the professionals at Haym Salomon Home. We work to prevent and eliminate complications arising out of these frequently problematic conditions and illnesses. Our nurses and nurse practitioners use the latest in infection-prevention protocols to keep you and your loved ones as happy, healthy, and comfortable as possible.

    World-class communication

    Located in Brooklyn, New York, Haym Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation cares for your loved ones by communicating regularly with our patients and their families, ensuring that none of their concerns fly under the radar. Because we know your loved ones are your top priority, we make them our top priority as well. At Haym Salomon Home, nothing comes between our patients and the best caregivers available in the industry today. Visit us today to see our top-notch facilities for yourself!