Haym Salomon Home’s occupational therapy rehab unit provides skilled restorative therapy to patients, who suffered from serious conditions and lost their ability to live independently. Our rehabilitation enables them to relearn skills required to fulfill their daily tasks.

Rehabilitation Results

After our rehabilitation in Brooklyn, many clients maintain a high standard of living. Our rehab approach is gentle, encouraging, and motivational. Under our therapy, our clients start improving swiftly.

Occupational Therapy Goals

At Haym Salomon Home, we prioritise independence as the end goal. We nurse our clients to reach a stage where they can contribute to their homes and their communities. This rehab doesn’t only restore their motor skills, coordination and balance, but it also rebuilds their self confidence.

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    We use practical occupational therapy to achieve this. With a team of skilled specialists, we work with each other and the patient to complete therapy.

    Our Therapy Approach

    Our occupational therapy improves a client’s ability to take care of themselves. Haym Salomon Home trains and educates them so they are able to complete the tasks required to live. Each training plan recognises the changes in a patient’s body following their conditions. Our team helps the client use adaptive equipment to work on rebuilding.

    Client-Based Planning

    We tailor this rehabilitation to each patient based on what our staff deem to be the best course of action. We recognize the nuances of each patient and work to improve a their motor control. Additionally, balance and coordination are also targeted and rebuilt during our rehabilitation.

    When we have completed our occupational therapy, patients report to be happier. They are also more confident in themselves and healthier than they were before.

    Our occupational therapy facility in Brooklyn, New York, operates 5-6 days a week. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.