A collaborative clinical program by Haym-Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation and Balance Diagnostics USA utilizes the latest technology in assisting the therapists to help optimize patients with balance, dizziness or vestibular dysfunction,

It uses the following screening tools facilitated by a Certified Technician from Balance Diagnostics:

1) Fall Trak System (Balance Assessment) – Accurately Diagnoses and Screens the Risk for falls. A simple test that assesses the patient’s balance in less than 2 minutes by standing straight on a flat surface scales while the system measures and calculates various body movements creating a balance score sheet. This particular test determines if the patient has a balance disorder or not. It is usually followed by…

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    2) VNG Balance Test (VideoNystagmography) – The object of this particular balance evaluation is to pinpoint the exact site of balance or vestibular issues. A camera records the “nystagmus” or eye jerks. A disorder usually results to small eye jerks that can only be detected by a sophisticated computer. There is a camera attached to a pair of goggles that records during this particular test.

    After testing, the result will be sent to a board certified neurologist for interpretation. A report will then be generated for each patient. The report will include a customized Vestibular Rehab Therapy along with individualized Dynamic Therapy activities.