Vladimir Stein

Vladimir Stein

My mom was admitted to Haym Salomon Rehabilitation about 2 weeks ago. I am really glad that I choose this Rehabilitation facility. Read more “Vladimir Stein”

Svetlana Rudeyeva

Svetlana Rudeyeva

My husband Aleksandr Rudeyev had a serious coronary bypass surgery before coming here. This is a type of open-heart surgery. Read more “Svetlana Rudeyeva”

Boris Leychenko

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My mother Anna Leychenko was admitted to Haym Salomon Home in September for rehabilitation after knee surgery. We have had great experience with physical therapy. The staff is so friendly, nice and knowledgeable. Read more “Boris Leychenko”

L. Patchman

L. Patchman Testimonial Letter

Thank you so much for accommodating all my needs at your rehab facility in a very kind and caring way. Thank you so much for being available to discuss issues that came up and helping me resolve them in a good way. Read more “L. Patchman”

Deborah Hershfang

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I broke my shoulder in my own home, but thank God I am here and I am getting better. My shoulder gets better daily. I love this place. It has all I need. It is a very compatible place for special needs. You just ask them for something and they try to help as best Read more “Deborah Hershfang”

Mrs. Fishman

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My friend stayed at Haym Salomon Home. He is a very sick person, but he loved this place. The care, the food, the nursing and everything was very good. He came home yesterday. He is walking so much better. I can’t describe that without crying. He feels born again. Read more “Mrs. Fishman”

Sydney Schatzman

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I had complete hip replacement care at Haym Salomon Home. I came in with very little mobility. The facility is one of the nicest ones I have ever seen. It has excellent equipment. The physical and occupational therapies were great. Read more “Sydney Schatzman”

Viktoriya Fralova

haym salomon nursing home and rehabilitation center in brooklyn nyc

My name is Viktoriya Fralova and it’s my second time in Haym Salomon… Read more “Viktoriya Fralova”

John Franco

John Franco Testimonial Rehab Patient Nursing Home Brooklyn NY

Former New-York Mets Baseball player John Franco has visited Haym Salomon Home where his Mother-in-law stays. He thanked staff and volunteers for doing “such a wonderful job” for the patients. Read more “John Franco”

Izabella Kogan

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I had heard that it’s a good place, but I didn’t know how nice it was. My mother, Hanna Zuckerman used to be taken to other places, but this one turned out to be the best one. She stayed on the second floor. Haym Salomon Home is very clean. It’s almost sterile – no bad smells, not even chemical smells. The absence of smells was one of the many other pleasant things we found. Read more “Izabella Kogan”

The Jurkanski Family

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To the Very Special and Devoted Staff of Haym Salomon, You have gone above and beyond your call of duty! Thank you for taking such amazing care of my husband! May God bless you all with Health, Happiness and Long Life! Forever Indebted, Read more “The Jurkanski Family”

Arnold Grinshtein

Arnold Grinshtein Rehab Patient at haym salomon nursing care in Brooklyn

I had a double stroke and I was taken to hospital. Then I came here for rehab. It is an incredible place. If you compare therapies in hospital and here, there is a great difference. My therapists Joanna and Anna are working hard on my balance and I can see improvements already. The therapies here are very intense. It is impossible to compare the therapies with the ones I had in hospital. Read more “Arnold Grinshtein”

Marianna Bauer

Marianna Bauer Rehab Patient Brooklyn NYC

I was in hospital and stayed there for 2 months. I had an operation and was in quite a serious state.
I have been here at Haym Salomon for 2 weeks. I love being here. The nurses and aides are great. They speak several languages. We can speak Russian here. I am having occupational and speech therapies now and I am already feeling better. Read more “Marianna Bauer”

Julie Inzerillo

Julie Inzerillo Rehab Patient Brooklyn NYC

My family was worried that I will be alone for the first time. They were so happy when I said ‘No, I am not’. I have been here for 14 months and it has always been very good. I was in hospital where I had an operation. Then I came here. The therapies were very good. Read more “Julie Inzerillo”

Boris Gorodetskiy

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“My wife suffers from a serious neurological condition. We took her to hospital first. Now she is staying here, at Haym Salomon. She is having physical, occupational and speech therapies, which are very helpful. I come here every day to see my wife. And I must say that It is a wonderful place to be, and the staff are also fantastic. Read more “Boris Gorodetskiy”

Rashila Grenshteyn

Rashila Grenshteyn Rehab Patient Brooklyn NYC

“I came to Haym Salomon Home following a car accident and surgeries performed in hospital. I needed a place for rehabilitation therapies. After staying here for some time, my condition improved greatly. My physical therapist Micheal did a lot to enable me to get better and start walking. My first steps were extremely difficult, but with the therapists’ help, I started walking slowly again. Read more “Rashila Grenshteyn”

Barbara Forman

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“There has been nothing but wonderful loving care” for my father and “I thank God for every minute of it”.
“Hi. My name is Barbara Forman. My father Robert Klein is a resident of Haym Salomon Rehab & Nursing Home. I first became aware of this wonderful place when my father was in hospital and needed a place to come for rehab. Read more “Barbara Forman”

Sheila Weissman

Sheila Weissman Rehab Patient Brooklyn NYC

Sheila Weissman suffered severe pain. She could not believe she would be able to walk again, but she walks today.
“The pain was terrible. When I first came in, I was in a lot of pain. They managed me, they were able to calm me down. And as time went on, it has just got better. Read more “Sheila Weissman”

Mrs. Vatkin

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Dear Mr. Lipschitz, One of my favorite quotes, used regularly, is the following: “It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice”. These words echo my four-month experience at your facility, which truly had a major impact on my recovery. Read more “Mrs. Vatkin”