Haym Salomon Home’s most skilled professionals do their best to help people at the end stage of their lives to get most compassionate hospice care. We offer a wide range of services to your loved ones to meet all their needs – medical, psychological, spiritual and emotional.

Hospice Care Goal

The goal of hospice care is to give those who are dying the peace, comfort and dignity they are due. Our care services collaborate with experienced hospice companies. The result is the highest quality hospice care a patient in their end stage of life could hope for. We provide a very gentle and sensitive approach to meeting these people’s needs. We ensure that your loved ones are not alone, they feel comfortable and are cared for. Most importantly, we give them the humanity they deserve.

    Nurser providing hospice care to an elderly women

    Hospice Care Nursing

    Our team of skilled nurses is on hand around the clock, with 24 hour care seven days a week. We recognize the unique cultural background of each patient. Thus, all our nurses are either bilingual or trilingual. We are able to communicate with patients of every language. This ensures no need goes unmet.

    Psychological Support

    We offer great psychological care to address any emotional issues a patient may be going through. This service offers peace of mind for those in the end stages of their life. It is invaluable in aiding a comfortable, happy and gentle transition at Haym Salomon Home. It is an integral part of our rehab’s hospice care.

    We respect the spiritual beliefs of every patient in our Brooklyn-based Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation. We work to ensure that the hospice care received in our center is in accordance with the patient’s religious and spiritual principles.