Pneumonia in the Elderly: What To Do

Pneumonia in the elderly can be life-threatening. It’s a lung disease caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi. Elderly people tend to have weakened immune systems or health problems, so they are particularly at risk from the disease. Elderly people recovering from surgery are another risk category. They tend to be more susceptible to infections of…
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Skilled Nursing Services – Providing the Best Care

When you want exceptional and skilled nursing care, Haym Salomon has you covered. We’re proud to announce that we have trained staff to provide skilled nursing services. They all are licensed and have years of experience, which has provided them the competence they need for the job. We also provide holistic nursing care and the…
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How to prevent falls in older adults?

If we could prevent falls in older adults, we could significantly improve their quality of life and avoid hospitalization. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them. When an elderly person falls, it can be serious. They can bruise themselves or break bones. And recovery from such injuries can be lengthy, painful and debilitating. Such an…
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