Haym Salomon Home’s therapeutic recreation meets a patient’s cultural, leisure and religious needs. We have a range of group programs, activities, and one-to-one visits to fulfil their companionship needs.

Client-Based Approach To Rehabilitation

We alter each rehabilitation to reflect any social, physical, mental and emotional limitations. It is also altered based on an in-depth exploration of the interests of each resident. We work closely with them and our team of highly skilled specialists. This process helps develop a meaningful activity regimen for each patient’s therapy.

Activities Included

Some of the therapeutic recreation include family dinners, arts and crafts. They also include music, discussion groups, and dance. There are entertainment events, quiet games, computer sessions and social activities.

    Therapeutic Recreation rehab nursing home brooklyn

    For those whose conditions prevent this, we have a range of bedside programs. This ensures our therapeutic recreation scheme is available to all patients in rehabilitation.

    Rehabilitation Social/Cultural Balance

    At Haym Salomon Home in Brooklyn, part of our therapeutic recreation includes constant parties. We keep the entertainment diverse at our care home. We represent each minority and celebrate the multicultural environment of our rehab centre.

    Brooklyn Community Involvement

    We also do a range of community-based activities as part of rehab. This develops our patients’ ability to give back to the community. It also grows their self esteem because of this. Our rehabilitation includes community trips, group games, and volunteer opportunities in Brooklyn.

    Effects Of Involvement In Therapeutic Recreation

    The wealth of activities in our therapeutic recreation program caters to all clients. Our rehab provides a sense of achievement vital to confidence. It also gives our patients a chance to be creative and express themselves. They develop a whole new range of skills and make new friends. The therapeutic recreation relieves both physical and mental tensions. Most importantly, it renews the wellbeing of the client.