Here at Haym Salomon Home we know that our commitment to our residents and patients is second to none. We constantly strive to provide the very best in care and rehabilitation programs, and we do this with the level of empathy and respect our patients deserve. But there’s no need to simply believe us, instead take a look at what some of our wonderful patients have said about us.

Exceptional Care

The therapists were superb … both the occupational and physical therapists. I had most wonderful care upstairs. I could not have asked for anything better. I could not believe when they said I would walk again and I am walking today. You can’t imagine how happy I am.

S. Weissman

    The facility is one of the nicest ones I have ever seen. It has excellent equipment. The physical and occupational therapies were great. My condition has been significantly improved. I was shown a lot of things I should do to help further improve it. They also managed to get my blood pressure down.

    S. Schatzman

    My mother, Hanna Zuckerman …. was in a department for long-term rehab. It was really surprising to see how respectful, caring and considerate the staff are. It was amazing to see how patient the aides and nurses are. I have seen all this with my own eyes. My experience and my Mom’s experience was fantastic. I think every single nursing and rehab place ought to be like this one. They are very human.

    I. Kogan

    Superb Level Of Cleanliness

    They clean this place all day long. It is very clean. You can walk in white socks and you never have to wash them.

    D. Hershfang

    Haym Salomon Home is very clean. It’s almost sterile – no bad smells, not even chemical smells. The absence of smells was one of the many other pleasant things we found.

    I. Kogan

    In hospital, I had to call to ask for somebody to come and clean the room. Here you don’t have to worry about such things because they regularly clean all the rooms.

    A. Grinshtein

    Caring and Accessible Staff

    The staff here is just wonderful and they treat us like we are members of the family.

    B. Forman

    Together with all your staff: the excellent rehab therapists, superb social workers, nursing and CNA staff, you facilitated my rehabilitation from a broken woman to a healthy and happy woman who is ready to go home and transition to independent living.

    L. Pachtman

    My immediate family lives in Israel and although I have many friends and colleagues in New York, this health set back left me depressed, anxious, physically ill and helpless. The emotional support, professional attention, extreme devotion exhibited to me by your staff, with guidance from God, allowed me to recover. I have never felt so loved, I have never seen such concern, nor have I ever met a more intelligent and understanding staff.

    Mrs. Vatkin

    Multilingual Facility

    .. no problems with the languages also. Nurses and aides all speak several languages.

    I. Kogan

    The nurses and aides are great. They speak several languages. We can speak Russian here.

    M. Bauer

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