At Haym Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation, we provide excellent stroke rehabilitation services, improving patients’ independence and quality of life. We reteach them the skills their stroke took.

The sooner a patient begins rehab, the more likely they regain all lost abilities and skills.

Duration Of Stroke Rehab

Stay lengths depend on severity. If the stroke is severe, a patient may be in our care for weeks or months, but some recover quickly.

Our approach to each stroke patient’s rehab changes. As they gain confidence, their needs change. The length of each stroke rehabilitation therapy session varies. We alter it based on a patient’s recovery symptoms. Their therapy responsiveness is also considered.

Haym Salomon Home is proud of its success. Patients come in stretchers and leave walking on both legs. It’s rewarding to see this growth.

    Haym Salomon Home rehabilitation center stroke rehabilitation

    Specialists Involved In Stroke Rehabilitation

    We’ve equipped our Brooklyn facility with primary care doctors. They work with our other specialists. Together, they guide care and prevent complications. This is imperative in implementing behaviors required to avoid another stroke.

    Our nurses help incorporate skills learnt in therapy into a patient’s daily routine. We also offer options for managing the bowel and bladder complications of stroke.

    Physical Therapy helps patients relearn movements like walking and balancing. Our occupational therapy unit teaches functional hand and arm use. This is beneficial to the skills required for independent life.

    Our speech therapists improve language skills and ability to swallow. They also teach compensation tools to address memory, thinking and communication problems.

    Dieticians assist in creating healthy menus. These include heart-healthy, low-fat and low-salt options.

    Social workers help connect patients with financial resources and living arrangements. If necessary, they identify community resources and home care.

    Psychologists assess thinking skills and address mental and emotional health. Therapeutic Recreation Rehab helps patients resume activities and roles they enjoyed before their stroke.