Holidays are a time for us all to have fun. They are joyful occasions when friends and family come together. They are a time for communities to celebrate, too. And at Haym Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation in Brooklyn, we like to create a community atmosphere at all times.

Just because you stay in a home does not mean you miss out on all the holiday fun! In fact, here at Haym Salomon Home, we pride ourselves on our community made up of our staff and residents. The holidays are times when we all get to celebrate together.

    holiday party buffet lunch at haym salomon in brooklyn nyc rehabilitation center

    Holiday parties

    Taking part in recreational activities is a great way to bring fun into your life. Socializing with friends and strangers goes a long way towards aiding recovery.

    And everyone loves a good party! Throughout the year, we host a number of parties to celebrate the holidays. Our community comes together to have fun. Everyone is encouraged to take part in the preparations and enjoy the night.

    And it is not just Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween that parties are held for. We understand that our residents are of varying religions and backgrounds. Many different ethnicities are represented among our residents.

    This is something we respect and honor so all holidays are recognized and celebrated.

    Great entertainment

    Eating with others is a great social activity which helps keep the mind active. Our kitchen staff lay on a feast of delicious food for everyone to enjoy. A huge variety of freshly prepared food is provided, and all nutritional needs are of course catered for.

    There are live music performances. These sometimes come from our own in-house musicians and singers. They play a variety of instruments and a mix of music from all around the world. Other times, we have visiting musicians and entertainers who come in to perform for us.

    We also hold holiday quizzes which are great fun and everyone is encouraged to take part in them. There are prize giveaways which, in the past, have included gift cards, a TV, and other electronics.

    musician at holiday party rehabilitation center brooklyn nyc

    Dress to impress

    Looking your best can give a big boost to your confidence. It has been found to be a great aid to the recovery process and to happy aging.

    The holidays are a great excuse to get dressed up. Wear a new outfit or put on your best clothes to attend the party. Wear that jewelry that only comes out on special occasions. Visit the beauty parlor and barber shop for a makeover or a brand-new haircut. Looking good is great for your self-esteem.

    Every member of our community is important, and we want everyone to be able to get involved. From our maintenance staff running the bar, a member of the kitchen staff entertaining us with their singing, or residents making and putting up decorations, we celebrate like a family.

    Our staff are on-hand to provide assistance to those that require it. You or your loved one will get to enjoy all the holidays with us at Haym Salomon Home.