Food and drink is what keeps us alive and healthy, sustains us and helps us fight off disease. It’s incredibly important for all seniors to get a healthy diet appropriate to their specific circumstances.

Haym Salomon Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation is a 5-star facility in Brooklyn, New York. And the quality care your loved one deserves at our Home includes the provision of excellent dining facilities and food.

Eating the right food at the right time, in the right quantities can be a tremendous boon to senior health. At Haym Salomon Home we integrate our culinary offerings with the professional care we provide to our patients.

    Kosher Salad Dining at Haym Salomon rehab nursing home

    Ambiance Is Important

    But food and drink are more than just an essential utilitarian thing. Eating together with friends and family, or even strangers, is an important social and cultural activity, too.

    Our dining facility and friendly staff provide the ideal convivial setting in which to enjoy your meals. After all, eating tasty food in good company is one of the major enjoyments of life for the elderly. Sharing food is a great social activity and our varied menus offer plenty to discuss as well as to savor.

    The meals we offer to seniors are varied and tailored to their health and dietary needs. All our food is freshly cooked, nutritious and delicious, well presented and courteously served. Our caring staff makes sure meal times are an enjoyable experience for all.

    Haym Salomon Home Dietary Department

    Upon admission to the facility, residents are interviewed by our dietitian to assess their nutritional needs and risks. We discuss food allergies, medical conditions and food preferences with the patient and/or the family. We check medical records and recommend an appropriate diet based on the resident’s medical condition.

    The following diets are offered:

    • No added salt (for hypertension or cardiovascular diseases)
    • No concentrated sugars (for diabetics), or a stricter version of the diabetic diet
    • Low fat/low cholesterol (for cardiovascular diseases, or low levels of “good” HDL cholesterol)
    • Low potassium for people with kidney disease

    Please note that some residents may require a combination of more than one of the above.

    We offer lactose-free, gluten-free, or vegetarian dishes as required. Our food choices also cater for those on Coumadin, a drug to prevent blood clots.

    Elderly people can only eat what they can swallow comfortably. Our dietitian works closely with our speech therapists to determine appropriate diet and fluid consistencies. We provide the following consistencies:

    • Regular: mechanical soft (chopped) foods, puree.
    • Liquids: thin liquids, nectar-thickened liquids, honey-thickened liquids.

    Consistencies are determined by the speech therapist who advises the dietitians which consistency to provide.

    Menu Choices

    Haym Salomon Home has a basic four-week menu cycle. The menus are given out weekly. For breakfast we offer a choice of hot or cold cereal, a choice of juices, and other breakfast foods. For each lunch and dinner there are two choices for the main dish. Residents can choose either the main dish or the substitute listed on the menu.

    We also offer alternative options such as a tuna platter, an egg platter, cold cut sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tuna or egg sandwiches, baked fish, baked chicken, etc.

    It’s worth knowing that Haym is a kosher facility. This means that meat and dairy are not served at the same meal.

    Fresh Food

    Our food is freshly cooked every day for each meal. This includes chopped or pureed foods to meet individual patient needs. Fresh salads and fresh seasonal fruits are incorporated into our menus.

    Any resident can ask to speak with the dietitian to discuss his or her food preferences. Our dietitian is available to assist residents with filling out the weekly menu. Our Home also tries to accommodate requests for cultural foods whenever possible. Wholesome special foods are served on specific holidays.

    Food Committee

    The food committee is comprised of our own residents who meet monthly. During these meetings they discuss feedback on the dining service and food provided. A representative of the dietary team attends the meeting to inform and advise patients and staff.

    To ensure residents’ satisfaction, dietitians circulate throughout the floors during meal times to check our seniors get their preferred meals.

    Please contact us for further information on dining at Haym Salomon Home.