Social services workers in nursing homes help patients handle challenges they may experience. The main role of these professionals is to ensure that the needs of the elderly are met. They basically assist with anything patients need help with.

Social services workers in a nursing facility occupy the middle ground between nursing and medical care. They fill in the gaps by screening and providing psychological care to residents. Moreover, they offer education to the elderly and their families relating to facility procedures, policies and advanced dictates. You will also find them helping with discharge planning and taking grievance claims. Basically, they are always there to help with whatever concerns residents may have.

Resident’s Rights

Patients’ rights are usually posted on buildings for everyone to read and understand, just like in Haym Salomon Home.

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    Members of the social services team provide the requisite education in line with these rights and make everyone aware of them. This relates to both residents and their families. Social service professionals are advocates for all patients. They help with the information they need for quality care. This makes social service workers a crucial part of the facility. They are in the middle helping to meet the needs of patients and address their concerns.

    It is the primary responsibility of social workers to attend to the emotional and psychological needs of patients. The provision of psychological care includes a psycho-social assessment to understand the patient’s history and mental state. The assessment seeks to shed light on the resident’s cognition, mood and any kind of behavioral disturbances. Social services and their work also involves getting a sense of what life was like before the resident arrived at the nursing facility.


    Conducting a thorough assessment helps to identify patients’ needs. This can inform the provision of quality care. The information obtained helps to develop a customized care plan for each patient. The care plan highlights the goals of specific interventions.

    Those in the nursing home suffering from depression are referred for psychiatry. Psychiatrists then come in to make an assessment and provide recommendations. Referrals for psychological assessment are based on needs. Social workers, in collaboration with psychology service professionals, intervene to provide solutions for patients.

    Our social services department

    The social services department is key in Haym Salomon Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Brooklyn. Every unit has dedicated social service help and every patient is guaranteed access to this help. This is not usually the case with many other facilities. Here, we have a worker assigned to each unit to offer social services to our patients. We are committed to delivering and enhancing the well-being of all patients in our facility.

    Our social workers can be reached via a direct line. On admission, we provide all our residents and their families with the contact information for our social workers, including that of the director of social services.

    They love and understand their role and commitments very well. Visit us today and find out more about our social services workers.

    Exceptional social services

    At Haym Salomon Home, we provide the best social services possible. The role of our social workers is to enable each individual to function at the highest level of social, mental and emotional wellness. In addition, they will address all concerns and informational needs of patients and families.

    We help patients who enter the facility make the transition from their previous living situation to life in a care setting. We make sure that their needs are met.

    Our social services workers play a vital role in residents’ care by planning their needs. They will also provide education regarding advance directives, while overseeing patients’ care.

    Just like our nurses, many of the social workers at Haym Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation are bilingual. Our social worker offers support to patients and their families in their own language. They will meet with you on admission and guide you throughout your entire stay.