Brooklyn-based rehabilitation center Haym Salomon Home has a rigorous hiring process. Each speech therapy specialist in our team is carefully selected and trained. Our specialists are well equipped to provide comprehensive care for the entirety of treatment.

We prioritize patient care and provide one-on-one treatment. This begins at the initial assessment and extends all the way to the end of therapy. This enables us to tailor each treatment plan to the patient’s individual needs.

Speech Therapy Specialities

We specialize in treating speech, cognitive, communication and swallowing disorders. Outside of this, we offer a wide range of services. Our speech pathologists work closely with our staff to address each client’s health problems. We do so prioritizing our patients’ quality of life and wellness as paramount.

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    Planning Speech Pathology Treatment

    Following stroke, myocardial infarction and the end stage of Parkinson’s disease, many patients face complications. These are usually a result of difficulty or discomfort when trying to swallow.

    Without proper treatment, they develop into serious risks to a patient’s wellbeing. Some of these can include malnutrition, unhealthy weight loss, dehydration, aspiration pneumonia, and choking.

    Our speech therapy specialists have the skills required to tackle these issues head on. They work both with the patient and other members of staff to determine the cause of the difficulty. From here, they create an aggressive treatment plan.

    Each plan is individualized to suit any unique needs or living requirements of the patient. Our patients deserve the best, and this includes nuances to our approach with each case.

    No two cases are the same. So we make sure our treatment matches this so we can best fight any health complications. In the end, we’re looking for a swift and pleasant recovery. We specialize in ensuring this.

    Bilingual Speech Therapy Specialists

    Additionally, we make sure to hire bilingual speech therapists. This way, a patient’s background isn’t a barrier in the quality of care we are able to provide. We make it a mission to make our care accessible and comfortable, and this is one step in ensuring we deliver this.