As part of the Haym Salomon Home program, the needs of clinically complex patients are addressed in all of their forms. Wound care management is one of the core services our team offers in ensuring our patients are comfortable and healing well.

Our Wound Care Approach

We provide a skin care management regimen that promotes wound healing. This care is specifically tailored to each patient’s needs, taking into account their specific requirements. We also provide wound management services for patients with pressure decubitus ulcers.

At Haym Salomon Home, we designed wound management program to equally focus on each patient at our facility. We plan and execute our wound care process in an individualized manner making sure each patient gets the medical care and attention they need for quick, sustained healing.

    Wound Care at Haym Salomon Home Rehab Brooklyn New York

    Our interdisciplinary team allows for a holistic approach to a variety of wounds and the treatments each requires. Our wound care program is structured in a manner that allows for the highest level of patient care.

    Well-Trained Staff

    We are highly trained at managing various types of wounds, including surgical wounds. We have a special wound managing team with wound care-certified doctors and nurses. In addition, we are equipped to care for patients whose pressure ulcers require an interdisciplinary team approach to effective care.

    When it comes to providing complete nursing care, the Haym Salomon Home staff has extensive training and experience to tend to various types of wounds. Our medical team consists of doctors and nurses certified in dealing with surgical and pressure decubitus ulcer wounds.

    We take great in ensuring that each patient at our facility is adequately dealt with without compromising their overall health and comfort.