Diabetes is a common disease in older adults. It has a high rate of prevalence in long-term care facilities. Within this age group, the risk of hypoglycemia is the most important factor in determining glycemic goals, as the consequences if this is not managed may be catastrophic.

Diabetes – If Not Treated

Diabetes, if ineffectively treated, can lead to further health problems. It can exacerbate existing health conditions with detrimental effects to the whole body. Managing diabetes and reducing risk levels is of utmost importance when ensuring quality of life and health in an older population.

    Senior rehab services for seniors with diabetes nursing care Brooklyn, NY. Doctor consulting senior man with fractured bone for recovery.

    Successful Care

    Successful diabetic care requires a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, dietitians, food service managers, physical therapists and social workers. Haym Salomon Home assembles the team needed in order to manage and reduce diabetes’ symptoms and effects.

    Once we identify the individual patient’s risks and challenges, our teams of professionals design an individualized care plan and treatment pathway.

    Haym Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation has huge experience in providing care to diabetic patients.