The Cardiac Diet: Prolong Life After a Heart Attack

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After a heart attack, life can seem pretty daunting. Getting back into a routine is a priority, and this usually includes having to make huge lifestyle changes. There are medicines to take, exercises to do, maybe you have to quit smoking. However, one of the most important things to focus on is changing your [...]

Prevent COPD Flare-Up with These Rules

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There is a common word in the respiratory-branch of diseases; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which is becoming more common by the day. This is due to the increased use in smoke and the victims end up being the passive smokers. When the condition worsens, the disease is usually referred to as an ‘Exacerbation’ or [...]

Longevity Secrets: Simple and Easy Ways

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Did you know that the average life expectancy for people in the US has pretty much doubled in the past 100 years? Right now, everybody is living longer. What are the secrets of longevity?People are living to be 100, 103, 105 – and still enjoying life! Many are highly active and remain a valuable part [...]

Depression In Seniors: Symptoms and Treatment

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Depression in seniors, as with all people, doesn’t always need relate to a major mishap or life change, (these can, however, be triggers). Rather, depression is a state of mind during which an individual is troubled by feelings such as hopelessness, sadness, and fatigue, and often without any tangible reason. Depression can affect anyone [...]

Palliative Treatment is Not the End of Life

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Palliative treatment can often enough be stressful for patients and family members, although it is the goal of this specialized care to provide emotional support during these times. This type of care is not for end of life, but is instead meant to improve quality of life for those with chronic illnesses. What is [...]

Why Stress Is Bad for Your Health

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Nobody enjoys feeling stressed out. But did you know that stress is bad for your health, above and beyond simply being unpleasant to live with! Stress is a process which involves environmental demands putting strain on your body’s ability to cope with and to adapt to a given situation. Stressors are things that cause [...]

Acute Respiratory Failure In The Elderly

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Acute respiratory failure, as the name suggests, is a potentially life-threatening condition requiring professional treatment and management. It’s not uncommon in frail or elderly people. Acute respiratory failure is basically a failure of the respiratory system, meaning that you have huge difficulty breathing. The condition is often dealt with as an emergency and may [...]

Heart Failure in the Elderly: Symptoms, Causes, Rehabilitation

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Heart failure is a worrying condition in any individual, and particularly so when the person with heart failure is elderly. A cardiovascular condition, heart failure, or HF, occurs when a person’s heart is not able to pump an adequate supply of blood through their body. The condition develops over time. As the heart gets [...]

Nurse Practitioner: “We Look for Positive Strengths in the Resident”

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My name is Azza Izzat. I have been a nurse for 37 years now. I got my doctorate to enhance my role as a nurse in general. I have been working at Haym Salomon as a nurse practitioner for the past 14 years, covering for physicians, communicating with families, educating staff, intervening with the interdisciplinary [...]

How to handle dementia behaviors

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Dementia is an incurable brain disease that gets progressively worse, so caregivers need to know how to handle dementia behaviors. These behaviors vary from one individual to the next and depend on the stage of the disease. There is, therefore, no single correct approach for caregivers to manage dementia behaviors. Instead, caregivers will need [...]