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When Do You Need Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Why?

By |2024-06-10T13:44:33-04:00June 10th, 2024|Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a specialized medical branch focused on restoring function and mobility to those who have suffered musculoskeletal injuries or undergone orthopedic surgeries. Healing after musculoskeletal injuries can be slow. The rehab’s goal is also to speed up recovery, eliminate pain and prevent further complications.To boost the efficiency of your orthopedic rehabilitation, consider Initiating [...]

Can Stress Make Your Arthritis Worse

By |2024-05-22T12:55:54-04:00May 14th, 2024|Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

We experience stress throughout our lives when switching jobs, buying homes, or other major life changes. Though these events cause short-term concerns, they don’t usually do much damage. Chronic stress is more severe, resulting from long-term issues, like financial strains or life-altering medical conditions. When combining stress and arthritis, your symptoms often worsen, increasing [...]

A Broken Ankle: Things To Avoid Doing

By |2024-04-29T12:49:53-04:00April 29th, 2024|Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

A broken ankle can be very painful and vary in severity and complexity, so, care and the treatment approach will be tailored to the specific type of fracture. When dealing with a fractured ankle, it's important to prioritize your recovery and follow the instructions carefully to prevent further complications.Your care instructions include things to do [...]

How Long Does Post-Surgical Fatigue Last? Possible Causes

By |2024-04-01T12:58:50-04:00April 1st, 2024|Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

After undergoing surgery, it's typical to experience post-surgical fatigue lasting a few days or even weeks, although some people may continue to feel exhausted for months afterward, depending on various factors. These factors encompass the nature of the surgery itself, underlying health conditions, age, medication, potential infections, and anemia. Additionally, pre-existing physical conditions and nutritional [...]

What Causes Limited Range of Motion in the Leg

By |2024-03-25T12:31:06-04:00March 25th, 2024|Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

Proper flexibility allows you to move your limbs freely and go about your day however you like. When the range of motion in your legs is reduced, you’re limited in what you can do. Even standing up or walking short distances becomes more difficult. Unfortunately, there are several causes for such stiffness, including injury, infection, [...]

Broken Shoulder Recovery: How Long Does It Take?

By |2024-03-11T14:28:19-04:00March 11th, 2024|Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

Shoulder fractures affect those of all ages, from kids to seniors, making even the simplest tasks nearly impossible. Luckily, recovery from a broken shoulder doesn’t take as long as you may think. Of course, how quickly you’re back to normal depends on the severity of the injury, treatment, and overall health.One vital aspect of recovery, [...]

Multiple Sclerosis And Exercise: What You Need to Know

By |2024-02-26T11:51:50-05:00February 26th, 2024|Neurological Diseases, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

Multiple sclerosis is a condition affecting the central nervous system, including the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. It can potentially lead to issues concerning vision, sensory perception, and muscular coordination. Regular exercise may be recommended as part of treatment for multiple sclerosis.Rehabilitation for MS includes physical therapy and exercise program for your own needs, [...]

Is Physical Therapy Worth It After Surgery?

By |2024-02-19T13:40:47-05:00February 19th, 2024|Nursing, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

Before scheduling your surgery, especially if it's not a straightforward and quick procedure, it's important to consider physical therapy after surgery and anything associated with it. Why? Because this therapy not only aids in a swift and complication-free recovery but also provides long-term benefits.Some patients report delayed or chronic issues after surgery, which may be [...]

How Long Does Fatigue Last After Heart Attack?

By |2024-02-05T12:37:56-05:00February 5th, 2024|Nursing, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

Unexplained fatigue before a heart attack is one of several symptoms. During your recovery, you likely expect such issues to disappear. Unfortunately, extreme tiredness doesn’t always go away, sometimes worsening after a myocardial infarction and lasting for several months. Luckily, several methods for reducing the problem are available, regardless of the severity of the condition.An [...]

What Causes the Destruction of the Joints

By |2024-01-22T11:34:38-05:00January 22nd, 2024|Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation|

The causes of joint destruction are diverse and often multifactorial, influenced by a combination of chronic inflammation, and lifestyle factors. There are numerous underlying health conditions that can cause joint damage and explain why this condition has become so widespread. Below are some key factors that can cause joint issues, but whether your symptoms [...]

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