Vladimir SteinMy mom was admitted to Haym Salomon Rehabilitation about 2 weeks ago. I am really glad that I choose this Rehabilitation facility. Thanks to the wonderful Maya Baely from Admission Office my mom transition from the hospital was quick, efficient and hassle-free despite of the COVID situation. Maya gave me the detailed explanation of how the facility works, what services are provided and what to expect during the rehabilitation process. She also gave me the contact numbers for different departments and services and I’ve received calls from representatives of different departments at the same day.

My mom doesn’t speak English but wonderful people at Haym Salomon Home have Russian-speaking personnel which are making my mom recovery process easier. They provide speech therapy, recreational therapy and physical therapy to the patients and bring different doctors for additional consulting if needed. The Director of the therapy Vincent called me and provided me with the detailed results of my mom therapy progress and explained what to expect in the future.

Also because of the COVID limited access to the personnel, Haym Salomon helps its residents with Facetime calls so the patients can communicate with their relatives. I am pretty sure that my mom is in good hands here. Thanks a lot to ALL Haym Salomon Home personnel for their hard work and care. You are the BEST.

Thank you,

Vladimir Stein
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