Dear Mr. Lipschitz,

One of my favorite quotes, used regularly, is the following: “It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice”. These words echo my four-month experience at your facility, which truly had a major impact on my recovery. Unfortunately, I have an infection that permeated my spine and left me totally immobilized all of this time. My immediate family lives in Israel and although I have many friends and colleagues in New York, this health set back left me depressed, anxious, physically ill and helpless.

The emotional support, professional attention, extreme devotion exhibited to me by your staff, with guidance from God, allowed me to recover. I have never felt so loved, I have never seen such concern, nor have I ever met a more intelligent and understanding staff that spent hours talking, listening, and actively working on my behalf.

Thank you again very much.

Mrs. Vatkin