"I came to Haym Salomon Home following a car accident and surgeries performed in hospital. I needed a place for rehabilitation therapies. After staying here for some time, my condition improved greatly. My physical therapist Micheal did a lot to enable me to get better and start walking.

My first steps were extremely difficult,  but with the therapists’ help, I started walking slowly again.

I like everything here. The services are good and the food is great. Although I can eat only half of the meals, they serve, I like them. The nursing care is also great."

Rashila Grenshteyn

Barbara Forman says “There has been nothing but wonderful loving care” for my father and “I thank God for every minute of it”.

“Hi. My name is Barbara Forman. My father Robert Klein is a resident of Haym Salomon Rehab & Nursing Home. I first became aware of this wonderful place when my father was in hospital and needed a place to come for rehab. Maya happened to be visiting one of her patients who was in the hospital and she showed me what this place was about and I immediately brought my father over here.

There has been nothing but wonderful loving care for him and I am extremely pleased that I can go home and sleep at night, knowing that he is very well taken care of.

The staff here is just wonderful and they treat us like we are members of the family. When my father was in the hospital just recently, they called to find out how he was and said that they missed us and that they hoped that we would come back soon.

We have been almost on every floor here and I can say that it is just a wonderful place. It is just amazing and I thank God for every minute of it.”

March 2017

Barbara Forman



Sheila Weissman suffered severe pain. She could not believe she would be able to walk again, but she walks today.

“The pain was terrible. When I first came in, I was in a lot of pain. They managed me, they were able to calm me down. And as time went on, it has just got better.The therapists were superb. I have to tell you both the occupational and physical therapists. I had most wonderful care upstairs. I could not have asked for anything better. I could not believe when they said I would walk again and I am walking today. You can’t imagine how happy I am.”

Nov 16, 2016

Sheila Weissman

Dear Mr. Lipschitz,

One of my favorite quotes, used regularly, is the following: “It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice”. These words echo my four-month experience at your facility, which truly had a major impact on my recovery. Unfortunately, I have an infection that permeated my spine and left me totally immobilized all of this time. My immediate family lives in Israel and although I have many friends and colleagues in New York, this health set back left me depressed, anxious, physically ill and helpless.

The emotional support, professional attention, extreme devotion exhibited to me by your staff, with guidance from God, allowed me to recover. I have never felt so loved, I have never seen such concern, nor have I ever met a more intelligent and understanding staff that spent hours talking, listening, and actively working on my behalf.

Thank you again very much.



August 26, 2016

Mrs. Vatkin, patient