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How to prevent falls in older adults?

If we could prevent falls in older adults, we could significantly improve their quality of life and avoid hospitalization. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them. When an elderly person falls, it can be serious. They can bruise themselves or break bones. And recovery from such injuries can be lengthy, painful and debilitating. Such an…
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Comprehensive Joint Replacement Rehab Program

Rehab after a joint replacement holds utmost importance in a patient’s life. At Haym Salomon, we have a dedicated team of physiotherapists and massage therapists. Their expertise combines to provide our patients with the best care they can get. Be it pre or post-surgery rehabilitation, our patients receive the required treatments. This not only ensures…
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Electrical Bone Stimulation Therapy – The Miracle Treatment

For most seniors, the biggest ordeal can be broken bones and electrical bone stimulation is their only hope. With age, the elderly become brittle and the same is the case with their bones. Where a healthy person can survive a fall down a couple stairs unharmed, the experience can be traumatic for most seniors. Their…
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