Dear Mrs. Lipschitz,

Thank you so much for accommodating all my needs at your rehab facility in a very kind and caring way.

Thank you so much for being available to discuss issues that came up and helping me resolve them in a good way.

Together with all your staff: the excellent rehab therapists, superb social workers, nursing and CNA staff, you facilitated my rehabilitation from a broken woman to a healthy and happy woman who is ready to go home and transition to independent living.

L. Patchman Testimonial Letter


Mrs. L. Pachtman

Haym Salomon Home rehab nursing home gym training therapies physical occupational therapy logoI broke my shoulder in my own home, but thank God I am here and I am getting better. My shoulder gets better daily. I love this place. It has all I need. It is a very compatible place for special needs. You just ask them for something and they try to help as best as they could. There are a nice group of people and I feel very happy here.

I love physical therapy. It is very good. It is a beautiful place and helps you a lot.

They clean this place all day long. It is very clean. You can walk in white socks and you never have to wash them. The food is excellent. It is a little too much for me, but it is very good.

Deborah Hershfang,

"I had complete hip replacement care at Haym Salomon Home. I came in with very little mobility. The facility is one of the nicest ones I have ever seen. It has excellent equipment. The physical and occupational therapies were great. My condition has been significantly improved. I was shown a lot of things I should do to help further improve it. They also managed to get my blood pressure down. The facility, the therapy and everything were very good. Three good meals per day were served. I found that the facility was well-organized and I was very pleased with it.  My health has been much improved since I was at Haym Salomon. I am delighted to say that I am walking with a cane now too."


Sydney Schatzman,

My friend stayed at Haym Salomon Home. He is a very sick person, but he loved this place.  The care, the food, the nursing and everything was very good. He came home yesterday. He is walking so much better. I can’t describe that without crying. He feels born again.

Mrs. Fishman,