"I had complete hip replacement care at Haym Salomon Home. I came in with very little mobility. The facility is one of the nicest ones I have ever seen. It has excellent equipment. The physical and occupational therapies were great. My condition has been significantly improved. I was shown a lot of things I should do to help further improve it. They also managed to get my blood pressure down. The facility, the therapy and everything were very good. Three good meals per day were served. I found that the facility was well-organized and I was very pleased with it.  My health has been much improved since I was at Haym Salomon. I am delighted to say that I am walking with a cane now too."


Sydney Schatzman,

My friend stayed at Haym Salomon Home. He is a very sick person, but he loved this place.  The care, the food, the nursing and everything was very good. He came home yesterday. He is walking so much better. I can’t describe that without crying. He feels born again.

My name is Viktoriya Fralova and it's my second time in Haym Salomon Home. Watch the video.



Viktoriya Fralova,

I had heard that it’s a good place, but I didn’t know how nice it was. My mother, Hanna Zuckerman used to be taken to other places, but this one turned out to be the best one. She stayed on the second floor.

Haym Salomon Home is very clean. It’s almost sterile - no bad smells, not even chemical smells. The absence of smells was one of the many other pleasant things we found.

She was in a department for long-term rehab. It was really surprising to see how respectful, caring and considerate the staff are. It was amazing to see how patient the aides and nurses are. I have seen all this with my own eyes. My experience and my Mom's experience was fantastic. I think every single nursing and rehab place ought to be like this one. They are very human.

About 3 years ago I was in the hospice department to see someone at this nursing home and saw that the staff were absolutely fantastic. So I knew before my Mom came in that the care in this place is great.

They gave her great skin care. My Mom’s skin was free of any problem.

She had been taken for 2 days to another nursing home, but we lodged a complaint as my mother had a fall on her second day there. Her condition deteriorated. No one fed her. No one helped her with grooming. Then she was taken to hospital and after that we came to Haym Salomon Home - what a difference!

Altogether, she has stayed for a couple of months and we are very, very happy about her stay. She herself was very pleased. Now she walks a little with a walker, and uses a wheelchair when she goes outside. This is all thanks to Haym Salomon Home. She had excellent speech therapy. Now she can eat again. It’s so great to see all that. I’m very thankful.

My mother is 94 and she will be 95 soon, she is doing well. We think so highly of Haym Salomon.

She used to be in a nursing home in Manhattan and 5-6 other nursing homes. They are very different from this one. Quite often, they keep people waiting, but not Haym.

They have no idea about how different Haym is. Now we know where to go if she needs a long-term nursing place. We know this place will be Haym Salomon, if they agree to accept us.

By the time we were preparing to go home, a wheel chair had not been ordered, but a supervisor gave us their own wheelchair, so we can order one later. That meant a lot to us. The therapist Brian ordered a wheelchair for our mother.

She had no problems with the languages also. Nurses and aides all speak several languages. CNA Mary, who worked during nights, was coming to her every 2-3 hours to change her dressing. CNA Julia was also very helpful. Nonna - RN and nurse manager of the second floor unit was very nice. She kindly answered all my questions and explained things to us.

She had all the medication she needed. Actually, it is supposed to be like that, but unfortunately, in reality this does not happen in other places.

My mother is in fact not an easy person. She has dementia and can be quite difficult. Her behavior has not always been easy. Sometimes she started speaking not very nicely and she could even use not very good language. She could yell at them. But their reaction was amazing. But they were very professional, for which I am very thankful. I am confident that they are always like that, and not only in my presence.

Social worker on the second floor and Rimma Geyman, Director of Social Services are amazing. They were so helpful. They always called me back and discussed all my concerns. I could not be happier about the care these people provide. It’s so important to know that your loved one is in good hands.

When people do their job properly, it’s so pleasant to be with them.

I’m very sorry if I did not mention other people’s names. They were all very good. My mother was very well groomed. How could I not be grateful for all this! Thanks so much Haym Salomon for this care. We will come again if we need long-term care. Haym Salomon will be our choice.

Izabella Kogan,