Aging & dehydration help at Haym Salomon Home Rehabilitation Brooklyn NY

Technically speaking, water is definitely one of the most important things our bodies need to carry out their functions properly, irrespective of age. The importance of good hydration increases twofold for seniors. What kind of harmful effects dehydration can cause in seniors and what you can do to prevent them?

Causes for Dehydration in Seniors

There are several reasons for this is that as you age, your body loses its ability to conserve water.

Hence, whatever fluids those seniors are consuming need to be constantly replenished. And most seniors are very careless in this matter. Additionally, as they age they do not feel that thirsty so even if their body is running on fluids, they can never tell.

Aging also affects the functioning of various organs. A senior that is over the age of 70 is likely to experience some glitches in their kidney functioning too. They become weaker at conserving fluids. Certain health conditions can also affect the body’s ability to retain fluids. A clear example of this is to imagine a senior with dementia because of which they might simply forget to drink their fluids.

What is more is that sometimes the medications given to treat certain health conditions may also adversely influence the fluids stored in the body. A senior on laxatives will have to urinate more which automatically translates into an increased chance of becoming dehydrated, if the fluid levels are not replenished.

Dealing with Dehydration in Seniors

Due to all of these mentioned scenarios, several seniors end up dehydrated or suffer from electrolyte imbalances. A good step over here is to keep your eyes open for signs of dehydration right from the start. Dry skin the folds into wrinkles when pinched, dark colored urine, cold hands/feet, dizziness etc are all signs of dehydration. Noticing these changes you can easily make changes in the senior’s diet and take care of the issue at hand.

IV Therapy for Dehydration

However, in certain cases the dehydrations and/or electrolyte imbalance is so severe that dietary changes alone cannot really help. And this is where the senior in question might need IV therapy to help them deal with their dehydration. Haym Salomon in Brooklyn NY is a state-of-the-art place which offers excellent services for seniors. One of those services is their highly monitored IV Therapy.

What makes the IV Therapy at Haym Salomon stand out from the rest of the places that offer the same facility, is the staff there. They have the right training which allows them to handle IV Therapy seniors with the right amount of care and skill. Their main focus is to make sure that the senior’s hydration needs are met without any glitches or disturbances in between the process. And for this purpose, they use the PICC line. This form of IV Therapy ensures a smooth process.

Several people who have undergone IV therapy from various places often complain how the staff mishandled them. Finding the right nerve to insert the catheter is no less than a skill on its own! And luckily, the staff at the IV Therapy unit at Haym Salomon has plenty of this skill.

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