Did you know that physical therapy can actually speed up the natural healing process? Irrespective of the condition a senior may currently be in, it’s safe to assume that physical therapy can really help. In fact, seniors can enjoy numerous benefits of physical therapy programs.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

This means that a senior with an injury can make a quicker recovery with a physical therapy program than without it. Common sense dictates that not every exercise program may be suitable for seniors. Let us have a look at how age appropriate exercise programs can help them:

  • Seniors have a better chance of returning to their prior functioning level
  • The feel-good hormones released during exercise encourage happier feelings
  • Controlled/reduced pain which reduces the chances of a senior needing surgery
  • Better mobility which leads to a healthier lifestyle
Nurser providing hospice care to an elderly women

“Seniors should not exercise” is an outdated idea. As we all know, exercise has a host of benefits. It makes no sense for seniors to miss out on them just because they are old. This is why it’s important for you to enroll your beloved senior in a rehab center which offers physical therapy.

The physical therapy program at Haym Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation is worth checking out. The professional physical therapists working there truly understand the benefits of physical therapy for seniors.

They have special exercise programs that encourage seniors to use their body. By doing so they are actually improving their mobility issues in a completely natural way.

No medicines or surgeries required!

Physical therapists at Haym Salomon also believe in keeping their patients in the loop. They believe that clients at every step should know what they are doing and why they are doing it. These therapists are more than ready to answer any queries regarding physical therapies. One of their main aims is to raise awareness.

Safety is Important

In a physical therapy program, the safety of the patient is an important concern. Haym Salomon takes this matter very seriously. Throughout the physical therapy session the seniors are never left alone. They are always supervised.

This supervision is not only done to prevent clients from getting injured, but also to monitor their performance. The thing with exercise is that to get its true benefits, you need to do it correctly.

This is why our superb physical therapy programs at Haym Salomon always deliver effective and excellent results. These physical therapy programs are offered regularly several times a week. But it is not necessary for seniors to attend all of these sessions.

In addition, each senior client gets his or her own individual number of physical therapy sessions. This number is determined keeping in mind the senior’s tolerance levels and of course, their present needs.

Other than having an excellent staff on site, the environment at Haym Salomon is excellent for seniors. Healthy, supportive and patient are just some of the adjectives that one can use to describe it. Haym Salomon also offers physical therapy for seniors with the following conditions:

  • Those who have orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions
  • Who experience joint pain (seniors with arthritis)
  • Those who have gone through pre and/or post-orthopedic surgery

The care and facilities at Haym Salomon Home, Brooklyn, NY, are of the highest quality. Clients and staff are very happy. All this makes for a perfect Nursing and Rehabilitation Home for your beloved senior.

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