Most of the time we don’t think twice about our breathing or how the way we breathe can reduce stress. Did you know that deep breathing techniques can help you stay calm in moments of extreme stress and anxiety?

Walking out of a stuffy room and into the fresh air to take a deep breath is good for the lungs. Deep breathing helps remove stale air from the lungs and clears the mind. It is also a balm for the whole body and soul.

Regardless of age, everyone faces moments of stress when they perhaps find it difficult to stay in control. Deep breathing, just like therapeutic recreation, is probably the quickest way to manage your anger or other emotions at such times. Learning how to breathe to calm yourself down during a moment of crisis can help you throughout your life. Let’s check out some safe breathing tips to help you on your journey.

Side view portrait of a woman breathing fresh air

Inhale and Exhale Slowly

Find a peaceful space with clean air where you can relax and focus on your breathing. Deep breathing techniques all involve slowly taking in air and slowly exhaling. Wear comfortable clothes and try and do the exercises at the same time each day. Never try to force your breathing or breathe in too much. Using your diaphragm rather than your chest, draw air through your nose into your body.

Gently placing a hand over your belly allows you to feel the rise and fall of the area around your solar plexus. Focus on that and it will help you stay focused on your breathing. This helps dispel or slow down the constant whirr of thoughts in your head. Emptying your mind of such worries by focusing on deep breathing is a tried and tested form of mediation. Deep breathing will help you feel more at peace with the world and more relaxed.

Repeat until calm

Try this technique: Sitting or lying down, look at a rectangular-shaped object such as a picture, window frame or door. As your eyes move from left to right across the top of the rectangle, breathe in slowly and deeply.

Hold your breath for a second at the corner. As your eyes move slowly down the right-hand side of the rectangle, purse your lips and breathe out very slowly. Repeat this as you move around the frame a few times until you feel calm.

Do deep breathing exercises regularly

You can start by doing exercises for just a few minutes and gradually build up to, say, 5 minutes per day. Even three minutes of focused breathing would help greatly to relax and feel good. Make this exercise part of your regular daily routine, and you will notice how much calmer you feel.

Staying calm and relaxed is important for your mental health. While caring about healthy eating, physical exercises and therapies don’t forget about the importance of your mental state. So, spend some time daily to relax your mind and your body.

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