For most seniors, the biggest ordeal can be broken bones and electrical bone stimulation is their only hope. With age, the elderly become brittle and the same is the case with their bones. Where a healthy person can survive a fall down a couple stairs unharmed, the experience can be traumatic for most seniors. Their weakened states don’t allow for such accidents.

Since bone healing is a complex physiological process, patients need all the help and support they can get. If there are any failures or delays in the healing process, patients might have to endure pain and discomfort. And that’s what we don’t want our patients to experience.

Haym Salomon Home has recently introduced Spine and Bone Healing Technologies, which offer an essential relief to patients with orthopedic problems.

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Electrical Bone Stimulation Systems

Through partnership with Zimmer Biomet, we recently introduced a number of systems in our clinical programs to continuously deliver excellent therapeutic care for our orthopedic patients at Haym Salomon Home.

The following are some of the systems used for orthopedic emergencies.

Biomet EBI Bone Healing System

  • The system can be used as a treatment of fracture non-union (when there are no visibly progressive signs of healing), failed fusions and congenital pseudarthrosis in the appendicular system.
  • This therapeutic electrical system is for single patient use and only when prescribed.
  • The use of EBI Bone healing system is supported with over 30 years of scientific and clinical data, and has been used to treat over 1 million patients to date.

Biomet OrthoPak  Non-Invasive Bone Growth Stimulator System

  • It is an additional treatment approach to an established non-union acquired secondary to trauma, excluding vertebrae and all flat bones.
  • The system can only be used when the width of the non-union defect is less than one-half the width of the bone to be treated.
  • The device was designed to deliver 270 days of continuous therapeutic treatment 24 hours/day.
  • It is recommended that the treatment be carried out continuously for 24 hours.
  • It intended for single patient use and only when prescribed.

How does it work? It promotes healing by inducing a weak electrical current at the fracture site. The therapeutic signal generates a low energy electrical field by passing a specific current between the electrodes.

Biomet SpinalPak Non-Invasive Spine Fusion Stimulator System

  • The spine fusion simulator is a non invasive bone growth stimulator indicated as an adjunct electrical treatment to primary lumbar fusion surgery for one or two levels.
  • It is designed to deliver 270 days of continuous therapeutic treatment for 24 hours/day and has a recommended therapeutic treatment of continuous 24 hours.
  • The system is for single patient use and only when prescribed.

The system induces a low electrical current at the fusion site. The signal generates a low energy electrical field by passing a specific current between electrodes.

Spine Fusion Patients

electrical spine stimulation rehabilitation therapy Brooklyn NYPatients facing troubles with spine fusions are generally the ones vulnerable to bone healing problems. They can include;

  • People who smoke.
  • Who’re having multi level spinal fusion.
  • People who’ve gone through a failed spinal fusion.
  • Who have a diagnosis of either Grade III or a higher grade of spondylolisthesis.

Electrical bone stimulation has become an important part of physical therapy at Haym Salomon Home. This therapy is integrated in recovery plans of orthopedic patients.


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