Senior woman getting physical therapy at Haym Salomon Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation in Brooklyn as plan for a smooth recovery.

Today more than ever, we see more and more therapists advocating holistic therapies. Their reason for doing so is simple. Whether you are dealing with an issue or a person, there are always several aspects to it. You cannot provide a solid solution to any issue, or effectively help any person with their problems unless you treat them through each of those aspects.

What are those aspects? Let’s consider the example of a senior who has just joined a nursing home for whatever need they may have. A good nursing home would not just provide them with basic medical facilities, feeding them timely meals etc., but would go beyond that.

Why Holistic Therapies?

Haym Salomon Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation is one such place which provides its clients with the best physical, emotional as well as spiritual support just so they can be the best possible versions of themselves.

The Director of Rehabilitation, Brian Rubiano says, “It is imperative to treat the body as a whole – mentally and physically. So in terms of this, the holistic approach is always a good way to improve health, promote recovery and assist in adjustment. “

For improving seniors’ overall wellbeing, it is only common sense that the therapists and/or care providers must address them through all their aspects. The mental health of seniors is as important as their physical health. This is why the super professional staff working here uses the holistic approach.

From providing the best in mental care to the most amazing rehabilitation services, Haym Salomon does it all.

Mental Support

Their incredibly beneficial social services unit can be used as a good example for how this place really cares about their clients’ self-esteem and confidence. The social workers recruited in this unit provide unparalleled social, emotional, and mental support.

This facility provides great therapeutic recreation activities, that help develop a whole new range of skills. But most importantly, the recreation therapies help relieve both physical and mental tensions.

Speaking of mental support, this nursing home is one of the few places in Brooklyn, NY which also provides great religious services. For some seniors, the road to recovery cannot be without spiritual assistance. This is a crucial aspect of holistic treatment. Like mentioned before, all possible aspects of a person’s personality may help them to heal.

And the best part about these religious services is the diversity! So it does not matter what faith a patient of Haym Salomon belongs to, they can practice their respective religion in the staff’s care.

Haym Salomon also understands the need some seniors have to look good to feel good. For this purpose, they have an in-house Beauty Parlor and Barber Shop too. From getting their hair freshly cut and colored to other industry-standard beauty treatments, this place does wonders for the confidence of the seniors staying here.

Physical Rehabilitation

The skilled professionals working here also do their best to provide the best in rehabilitation which include a big variety of holistic therapies.

Not only can it help in improving the mobility, physical therapy can also help in relieving pain that often follows certain health conditions, post surgery situations etc.

Complaining of pain in the knees, lower back areas etc. are common complaints of seniors. And while certain serious conditions may seem having a surgery unavoidable, most doctors recommend their patients to combine both, surgery and physical therapy to get the best results.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of their services is how they work in collaboration with the patient and/or their families. The staff keep the patient and their loved ones in the loop every step of the way. It is precisely this collective holistic approach which makes Haym Salomon the number one nursing home and rehabilitation center for the Brooklyn community.

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