Brain injury rehab has a proven track record of making a positive difference to people’s well-being and independence. Through speech, physical and occupational therapy it is possible to recover from a brain injury at least to some extent. Be sure to ask the doctor looking after your loved one about these rehab therapies. Let’s take a look at some that work best.

Can The Brain Recover From Brain Injury?

The brain is said to have “plasticity”. This means that while brain cells do not regenerate after injury, the brain finds ways around the problem. Brain injury rehab makes it possible for the brain to reorganize itself to some extent and improve its functioning.

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Brain injuries or diseases destroy brain cells which impairs mental functioning and even mobility. But, with compassionate, loving care and expert advice from medical practitioners and therapists, progress towards recovery can be made. This can be a slow process, depending on the nature of the brain injury and the patient’s overall health condition.

What is the best treatment in brain injury rehab?

The best brain injury rehab involves strong family support as well as tailored therapies to help the brain recover. The quality and commitment of nursing care and other staff is a vital prerequisite for top-notch treatment and care.

Counselling for emotional support

Providing emotional support is a core aspect of effective and compassionate brain injury rehab. People with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, motor neurone, or other brain diseases need lots of tender loving care. They need to have people around them who can listen to their concerns and help them with their basic needs.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy will always be tailored to the needs of the individual and may include yoga stretching and breathing exercises. Aerobic exercises strengthen heart and lungs and improve circulation. This includes the all-important circulation of oxygenated blood to the brain to allow it to function optimally.

Speech therapy

Not being able to express your thoughts or feelings can be very distressing for people with brain injuries.  Speech therapy helps to reconnect parts of the brain to the muscles that generate speech.

As part of brain injury rehab, therapists teach and educate people how to relearn to make the right sounds to make themselves understood. They do this by showing patients how to exercise certain muscles in the throat and mouth. Swallowing and breathing exercises may also play a role in helping patients to relearn communication.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is a key part of brain injury rehab with a proven track record of success. It gets patients to train their brains to perform vital tasks of daily living.

Committed and compassionate care and support for brain injury patients is our watchword at Haym Salomon Home for Nursing And Rehabilitation in Brooklyn NY. Residents benefit psychologically, physically, and medically from our restorative therapy and brain injury rehab.

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