You might think that strokes just happen and that there are never any warning signs of a stroke. But you would be mistaken. In fact, lives can be saved, and recovery chances greatly enhanced if you can detect the early signs of a stroke.

No one wants to have a stroke as it can leave you seriously disabled. You may be left unable to speak or paralyzed down one side of the body. Understanding the warning signs of a stroke is important especially for those with diabetes or high blood pressure.

Stroke is a serious condition. So, make sure that you seek medical advice immediately as the information is for education purpose only.

There can be many symptoms but let’s take a closer look at three key indications that a stroke is imminent.

Three Warning Signs Of Stroke

The warning signs of a stroke vary from person to person and depend on how the brain is affected. The main symptoms of a stroke usually appear in the face, the arms, and in speech.

Human brain warning signs of stroke blood clotting visualization

If a person’s face has dropped down on one side and he or she is unable to smile, they may have had a stroke. If a person is unable to hold both arms out horizontally or vertically, that is another indication. Slurred speech, with victims unable to enunciate words clearly, is another warning sign. Recognizing the warning signs of a stroke early is key to reducing the likelihood of a stroke occurring.

1. Numbness

Tingling or numbness in the arms or legs may be an indication that a stroke is on its way. Numbness or tingling may be a precursor to partial paralysis on one side of the body. If combined with loss of balance and slurred speech, this is a sure sign of an impending stroke. Numbness may occur even in a mini stroke which, in itself, is a warning that something is wrong.

2. Trouble speaking

Slurred speech is one of the most common warning signs of a stroke and can be very frustrating for everyone concerned. Sometimes words are garbled to such an extent that it’s impossible for the stroke sufferer to make themselves understood. Likewise, they may be confused and find it difficult to understand anything that is said to them. Speech therapy can go a long way in helping people to communicate – and also swallow if that is a problem.

3. Loss of balance is also a warning sign of a stroke

Dizziness and blurred vision are early warning signs of a possible stroke and can lead to loss of balance. The sudden onset of reduced mobility or paralysis is another sign. Loss of balance greatly reduces a person’s independence and sense of self-worth and leads to depression and anxiety. Physical therapy can help to strengthen muscles, balance and coordination.

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