If your elderly loved ones have recently been hospitalized, they are likely referred to an elderly rehab facility to recuperate. As a concerned family member, you might be curious about how their days are structured.

It is important to note that whether they will be staying for a few days or months, their days will be filled with different activities. These include respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy.

But while an elderly rehab facility like the Brooklyn-based rehabilitation center, Haym Salomon, is focused on providing treatment, clients also take part in other activities. So what happens in a rehab facility for the elderly? Below are the things that your loved ones will expect when staying at this type of environment.

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An Elderly Rehab Facility Provides Socialization

Socializing is a very common activity in rehab facilities for the elderly. It is mostly done during the afternoon or evening depending on the activities laid by the staff of the facility. Elderly patients can participate in activities like puzzles, picture coloring, reading, bingo, religious services and outings.

Elderly Clients Enjoy Family Visits

Family visits are very important for recuperating elderly. Family visits are encouraged by the elderly rehab facility during the physical therapy sessions of the elderly client. This is to show the family members that their elderly loved ones are doing great in the rehab.

Brooklyn-Based Rehab Facility Offer Different Forms Of Treatment

The elderly rehab facility focuses more on delivering different types of treatments to their clients. Aside from socializing, clients will have a lot of time for their treatment session. It is usually done in different times of the day. For instance, they do physical therapy during the day while the speech and occupational therapies are done in the afternoon.

The thing is that there are many things that your elderly loved ones can do during their confinement in this rehab in Brooklyn. You don’t have to worry about them getting bored.

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