Recovering from a serious illness takes time, and usually requires medical care, emotional support, and personalized rehabilitation therapy. Many elderly people who need time to recover from a stroke can regain their independence with stroke rehabilitation. A team of doctors, nurses and therapists will help set you on the road to recovery.

Haym Salomon Home has lots of experience treating patients who have had various kinds of stroke. We provide tailored stroke rehabilitation programs to patients to help them get back on their feet. Our medical practitioners and therapists work as a team to help stroke victims gradually and safely recover from a stroke. 

Elderly women getting stroke rehabilitation to recover from a stroke

What Happens To A Person After A Stroke?

Strokes are caused by a sudden reduction in the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to the brain, or a brain bleed. They can vary in severity which means that patients may need different kinds of care to help them recover from a stroke.

Your cognitive functions are usually most affected, with people facing challenges with communication, memory, concentration and spatial awareness. Strokes may disrupt your coordination and balance skills, as they often cause weakness on one side of your body. Extreme tiredness, difficulty sleeping, trouble speaking, and fatigue are also common symptoms.

Difficulty swallowing, vision problems and changes to your bladder and bowel movements are further common symptoms. Many patients also suffer from depression and anxiety after a stroke. So, trained medical practitioners are needed to provide loving care and support to help you recover from a stroke.

Can You Fully Recover From A Stroke?

With the right care and support from trained medical staff, recovering from a stroke is absolutely possible. While the chances of a full recovery may be low, therapists can help you regain your mobility and balance. The recovery rate is great, but the sooner you start your rehabilitation, the more likely you will recover from a stroke!

Stroke rehabilitation makes a significant difference to your overall well-being, helping you to stay positive and make step-by-step progress. Therapists can help you relearn skills, adapt to any changes, and give you confidence and independence as well as improve your quality of life.

What Therapy Does Stroke Rehab Include?

How To Avoid And Recover From Heat Stroke?

Heat stroke signs and symptoms are different from those of the more common vascular stroke. They are almost always associated with heat exposure and may be preceded by heat exhaustion. Heat stroke happens when your body overheats, usually due to staying out in a high-temperature environment.

Heat stroke is serious and requires urgent medical attention, with special treatment required to recover from such a stroke. So, stay out of the sun, wear loose-fitting clothing, and drink plenty of water. If you take medication that affects your ability to stay hydrated, you may want to be extra cautious.

The information above is for educational purpose only. So, see your doctor if think you might have a stroke!

Do contact us or walk in if you or your loved one have had a stroke. We are here to help! Ask us any questions you may have and see for yourself how we treat and care for stroke patients.

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