Spinal injuries can have very serious and permanent consequences including paralysis and a loss of normal bodily functions.

With the summertime upon us many of us are adventuring further from home, hiking, camping, traveling, and just generally getting outside and enjoying the warm weather.

In the summer, many elderly people from Brooklyn and Queens go with their families to upstate New York or places like Pocono in Pennsylvania. Many also visit camps set up specifically for the elderly. Because of the unfamiliar surroundings, falls are much more likely. And quite often this happens during night time, when they wake to use bathroom.

Every summer we see an increase in the amount of people with broken shoulders, hips, legs, and even spines. With that in mind, we’d like to go over a couple of the ways that you can avoid spinal injuries.

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Ways to prevent spinal injuries

Spinal Injuries can be very serious. Now, we don’t say this to scare anyone away from getting outside and enjoying the summer season. Rather, we’d just like to illustrate a few ways to avoid any serious injuries.

Avoid falls

Many spinal injuries are the direct result of a fall. Many times, these falls are from a height, but spinal injuries can also result from relatively short falls.

Make sure that you have a torch when you go to the bathroom at night in an unfamiliar area. Ideally, check the path to the bathroom in the day time first and get help removing any potential trip hazards.

If you’re camping, try to make sure that tent lines are placed in such a way that they’re unlikely to cause harm to other campers.

Play Safely

If you’re going to be participating in any adventure sports over the summer, make sure that you listen carefully to the instructions of those in charge and follow their directions always.

Before you jump into any rivers or lakes, make sure you check the water first to ensure that there are no submerged hazards. Even if you know the waterway well, remember that since the last time you were there rocks or logs could have been moved and may be just under the surface.

Good care is needed to avoid complications

If you or someone you love has been incredibly unlucky and has suffered from a fall or trauma resulting in spinal injuries, proper care is needed to avoid any further complications.

The care for spinal injuries varies depending on the exact type of injury and the amount of neurological damage that may have taken place.

Here at Haym Salomon Home in Brooklyn, NY, we offer 24/7 nursing care and the best in medical rehabilitation programs. We aim to ensure that all of our patients and residents are comfortable at all times.  We also work to eliminate or minimise any of the possible complications that can arise with spinal injuries.

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