Influenza in Seniors: Advice for Family and Caregivers

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The onset of winter with its colder weather brings with it the risk of influenza in seniors. Flu symptoms start like the common cold. It is characterized by a sore throat, a blocked or runny nose, and a cough. However, the potential for fatality from flu in seniors is great, especially true if the [...]

Elderly Living: Avoid Spinal Injuries

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Spinal injuries can have very serious and permanent consequences including paralysis and a loss of normal bodily functions. With the summertime upon us many of us are adventuring further from home, hiking, camping, traveling, and just generally getting outside and enjoying the warm weather. In the summer, many elderly people from Brooklyn and Queens [...]

Nurse Practitioner: “We Look for Positive Strengths in the Resident”

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My name is Azza Izzat. I have been a nurse for 37 years now. I got my doctorate to enhance my role as a nurse in general. I have been working at Haym Salomon as a nurse practitioner for the past 14 years, covering for physicians, communicating with families, educating staff, intervening with the interdisciplinary [...]

How to handle dementia behaviors

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Dementia is an incurable brain disease that gets progressively worse, so caregivers need to know how to handle dementia behaviors. These behaviors vary from one individual to the next and depend on the stage of the disease. There is, therefore, no single correct approach for caregivers to manage dementia behaviors. Instead, caregivers will need [...]

Director of Social Services Rimma Geyman: “Always on the side of residents”

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We recently heard from a family member of one of your patients that “social workers are amazing” at this facility. It would be good to learn how you work and achieve patient-centered communication standards with your residents and their families. What do social workers do at Haym Salomon? A social worker in a skilled [...]

Skilled Nursing Services – Providing the Best Care

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When you want exceptional and skilled nursing care, Haym Salomon has you covered. We’re proud to announce that we have trained staff to provide skilled nursing services. They all are licensed and have years of experience, which has provided them the competence they need for the job. We also provide holistic nursing care and the [...]

Psychological Support in Hospice Care: Why is it important?

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Haym Salomon in Brooklyn, NY is the one-stop place for your seniors. From an incredible adult day care to excellent rehab services, the place also offers lots of other services in between. One of those services is its hospice care facility. Read this post to learn about the basics of hospice care and what [...]