Taking part in events, hobbies, or conversations that you enjoy has tremendous mental, as well as physical, health benefits. We can’t be joyful all the time, but when the opportunity for fun and games presents itself, don’t miss out. The threats to health posed by stress and the health benefits of fun are well known to medical professionals.

Engaging in fun activities with friends, family and peers, is what makes life worth living. Let’s take a look at some of the more obvious benefits of having a fun time.

4 Health Benefits Of Fun

1. It gives more energy

Having a laugh with others generates energy among the people you are with – and gives you energy, too. When you are with others and enjoying yourselves, there are bound to be moments of mirth and fun. Dancing, for instance, brings smiles to many a face – both participants and onlookers.

Don’t be shy or worry about making a fool of yourself. Life is too short for such considerations. One of the health benefits of fun is that having a laugh gives you more energy to have more fun. Stress and pain, on the other hand, sap your energy and darken your mood.

Two elderly men having fun and laughing which will benefit their health

2. It relieves stress

Doctors will tell you that stress can do untold damage to our mental and physical health.  Taking part in fun activities that relieve stress and take your mind off worries has health benefits. These activities may be sedentary, like playing board games, or more physical like walking or swimming. Doing fun things that also keep you moving, socializing and having conversations is the best pathway to well-being and happiness for everyone.

3. It boosts serotonin

Serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical that can affect your mood and emotions. Research indicates that a lack of serotonin can lead to poor sleep patterns, stress, or anxiety. One of the health benefits of fun is that it boosts your serotonin levels and counteracts these phenomena. Higher serotonin is associated with improved sleep patterns and a more relaxed and positive outlook on life.

4. It eliminates depression

The health benefits of fun will become more noticeable over time. Eliminating depression requires a concerted effort over time to make lifestyle choices that benefit your well-being. Make a habit of relaxing in the company of others and doing the things you enjoy, even if this is just reading a good book.

Social connections and health benefits of fun

Humans have always depended on each other for their survival and are hard-wired to be social beings. One of our fundamental human needs to is to engage and connect with others. Having meaningful conversations while enjoying fun activities, therefore, is one of the most significant health benefits of having fun.

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