Elderly and infirm people, especially those recovering from surgery, need all the help they can get. Over time, inevitably, such people suffer a loss of independence. They need help at mealtimes, help with dressing, washing, and using the bathroom. They can become lonely and isolated and their mental health can suffer.

Nursing homes can help the sick and elderly by providing round-the-clock nursing care. They also offer various rehab therapies, as well as therapeutic recreation to help tackle stress and mental health issues. Let’s take a look at what nursing homes typically have to offer.

A Nursing Home Can Be A Great Choice

Loss of independence is something nursing homes understand and tackle head on. They have the experience and back-up systems to provide quality nursing care in a safe and hygienic environment. They are used to treating frail patients with chronic illnesses such as heart conditions, diabetes, as well as neurological problems.

Senior and Young Women Holding Hands to tackle loss of independence

If your loved one is having increasing difficulty coping with the tasks of daily living, check out nursing homes. These establishments have the skill set and strength-in-depth to cope with emergencies. What’s more, they encourage patients and help them cope with a loss of independence. They are highly successful in giving people the best possible quality of life and helping them stay independent for longer. 

Loss of independence and nursing care

Nursing care covers everything from dressing and cleaning open wounds and ulcers, to IV or oxygen therapy. Post-operative care, sub-acute care, palliative care, hospice care, hypertension care, and pneumonia treatment are typical services. Also, a key aspect, and central focus of nursing care is pain management.

Rehabilitation therapies for loss of independence

Rehab therapies are among the best ways to combat loss of independence. Physical therapy not only helps with pain management, it builds up muscle and bone strength. Aerobic and other exercises release endomorphins (natural opioid neurotransmitters) and improve mood and mental health. Other common therapies are speech, occupational therapy as well as recreational therapy.

Loss of independence and personal care

One of the most frustrating things with loss of independence is not being able to clean yourself properly. That’s where nursing homes have an advantage in that they have care systems in place to ensure personal hygiene. Nursing homes are used to sensitively helping people with intimate personal care issues.

Therapeutic recreation and how it helps

Most patients come to nursing homes for healing and rehabilitation and theraupetic recreation is very important for healing. Keeping the spirits up and getting residents involved in social activities is key to overall well-being. Activities might include yoga, fun activities such as the celebration of a national holiday, board games, quizzes, or musical events. Doing such activities stimulates conversation, is fun, and boosts morale.

Haym Salomon Home for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Brooklyn NY provides efficient, professional medical care in a supportive, compassionate, and friendly environment. We offer holistic, loving care and encourage a positive outlook among residents. Our overall aim is to promote independent, quality living to the greatest extent possible to combat any loss of independence.

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