Allergic reactions to pollen, certain foods, dust mites, animal dander, mold, or insect stings are common. To stay healthy and reduce the risk of getting an allergic reaction, apart from for your treatment for allergy, you can also avoid allergy triggers.

Allergies must be treated. If they are left untreated, they can make you susceptible to viruses and other health issues. Allergies can also cause throat, sinus, ear and respiratory infections.

Let’s check out some of these triggers as well as other tips to stay healthy.

Avoid Dehydration To Avoid Allergy Triggers

To stay away from allergy triggers and allergic reactions, one thing many people do is take antihistamines. But be aware that if you take such medication you need to ensure that you are well hydrated. Water helps get rid of toxins in the body so be sure to drink plenty of it.

Pouring water in glass from bottle to keep hydrated and avoid allergy triggers

When you are dehydrated, histamine increases, and if you drink more water it decreases. Too much histamine, like too much salt, makes you feel thirsty. Salt intake is, therefore, also important as, together with water, it is one of nature’s best antihistamines.

Avoid all the food that causes your allergy

Avoiding allergy triggers is very important if you have an allergy to a certain food. For instance, some people are allergic to pistachio nuts, and even the smell of them can make them feel ill.

Watch what you eat to make sure the foods you are allergic to are not concealed in a ready meal. Check the labels on food products to see the ingredients and avoid allergy triggers.

Avoid eating inflammatory food such as chocolate or eggs and consider taking a test to see what allergies you have. Food allergies can be life-threatening so consult your doctor, avoid allergy triggers, and take all preventative precautions.

Avoid stress

This may seem irrelevant, but avoiding stress is key to staying healthy and reducing the risk of allergic reactions. High stress levels have all kinds of adverse impacts on the immune system and various organs. If you have an allergy, avoid stress by always carrying emergency medication with you wherever you go.

Take time to plan your week and fill it with stress-busting activities that you like doing. Be sure to avoid allergy triggers to remain stress-free. Meeting up with a friend for a cup of coffee and socializing is a great way to relieve stress. Taking part in physical activities, exercises, games, dances, or cultural events are further great ways to minimize stress.

Take care of your immune system

Your immune system is your body’s defense mechanism against disease and ill-health. If you have an allergy, you may be more prone to asthma attacks or more likely to catch a disease. Do your best to stay away from flu, colds and other respiratory diseases. They weaken your immune system.

Avoid smoking and drinking as such activities also weaken your immune systems – and get plenty of physical exercise, walks and sunlight. To keep your immune system in trim, avoid allergy triggers, and look after your weight and diet.

The information above is for educational purpose only. Seek medical advice if you are prone to allergies.

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